• Before we work together, I have to get to know you a little more. Usually that means getting on the phone, so I can learn more about your family, how they interact, and so you can learn more about me as well as my process.
  • Once you are ready to book, I will send you a contract and questionnaire for your session. I use that information to help me prepare for your session. The more information I have the better prepared I can be.
  • After your contract and questionnaire are signed and filled out, you are officially on my schedule. I will send over a Family Session Prep Guide with helpful tips for you to prepare for your family photos. You are welcome to contact me to help you with your preparations, even if it’s you sending me photos to help you coordinate family outfits.
  • During your family session, you can expect a fun and carefree session. I will help pose and prompt you, so you don’t need to worry about how you look. I always make sure to get a photo of your family looking at the camera, but we are focused on having fun with some games to keep the kids engaged.
  • My Goal: When you look back at your family photos, your remember how much fun you had making those memories. ♥️😊

Fulton County, Ohio Family Photographer

You are in luck, I've had many years of herding all kinds of 🐱🐈‍⬛cats and kittens, and I've figured out the secret to making it a great experience. We add in that element of ✨FUN!✨

You don't have to stress about how your kids will act around me. I've had over 16 years of experience with kids. I'm a mom to four amazing girls who also happen to be neurodivergent. Knowing that they think differently has helped me to be creative🎨 with my parenting. We have a lot of "games" in our house to help them succeed.

I also have had experience working with hundreds of children as a educator and a coach⚽🥎 for the past sixteen years. (You want herding cats....try coaching three and four year olds in soccer🤣. This year will be my ninth year of coaching that age group.)
 There isn’t much your kids can do, that I haven’t encountered, and I’m prepared for it.

What to expect for a Family Photography Session

You deserve to be in your family photos too!
As parents we are always taking photos of our kids, but who is taking photos of us?

One day these photos will be all they have left, you don't want them to be left wondering, why there aren't very many photos with you and them together. 

Right where your family is!

It's that simple. Trust me, I love finding the perfect spot to have a photo session, but what is more important than the spot, is actually having the session with the family you love.
Those heart-felt emotions you get by looking at your photos don't come from where you are. They come from who you are with and the memories you have connected to them.

I will work with you to help you find a great spot for a family session, but more importantly, I want you and your family to be connected and have fun together. Those are the photos you are going to love looking back on over the years.

Your living room is also a great option. Don't let your anxiety of an untidy house scare you away from this. My own house is usually messy. We are an on-the-go family, so tidying up isn't always an option. Remember, what matters is your family making memories together.

Family is more than those who share our genes. It's made up of those who truly love and care about each other, whether that be by blood or relationships we've formed along the journey of life.

I'm here to capture those moments with your family that are unapologetically sentimental and hilariously imperfect! 📷💕 Let's be real, family photos are not just about perfectly posed smiles and flawless hairdos. They're about capturing the laughter, the tears, and the beautiful chaos that comes with being part of an extraordinary clan. 🌟✨ Families come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is unique and has a story to tell. Life is too short for the same old boring photos. Let's create some great memories together for your to cherish for a lifetime. 

REady for me to help Herd Your Cats?

Where is the best place to get Family Photos in the Wauseon/ Delta Area? 

Hi, I'm Amanda and mom of four. I know that getting family photos taken can sometimes feel like herding cats.

✴️Letting kids be kids and embracing it during your session
✴️Having activities and games to engage them
✴️Going with the flow

More About the Process

I want your family photos to be a fun experience by:

When should we have our get family photos taken?

If you are asking what time of year to have a family session:
Anytime of year is great! Even having your family session in the winter can work. If you aren't a family that likes to be outdoors, we find a great place to have an indoor session. 

If you are asking what time of day to have a family session:
Golden Hour! Golden Hour is the magical hour surrounding sunrise and sunset. During that time, the sun adds a special glow to your family photos to make them extra special.